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Diar altaemir - 6th October
Down Town - Sheikh Zayed
Beverly Hills Sheikh Zayed
Family Mall 6th October
El Fardous - in front of Dream land beside el tawheed we el nour
New Branch at Family Mall
El Sheikh Zayed – Next to El Sheikh Zayed General Hospital
El Sheikh Zayed – In front of El Sheikh Zayed Club
El Sheikh Zayed – In front of El Sheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital
El Sheikh Zayed – Behind HyperOne
Youth Buildings 100M next to El Wageeh Center
12th District – Kankan Street
11th District El Mansour Center, next to Al Hameedy Hospital
7th District – American Center in front of 6th of October University
El Motamayez District – Next to Dr. Ali Moanes Hospital
1st District – Art Institute Street, next to El Arabi Center
8th District – El Taameer Center
4th District – Reservoir Street